“Community Grotto and Mural” officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Dublin Andrew Montague on December 8th 2011

The Lord Mayor of Dublin officially opens the Community Grotto and Mural 

The Lord Mayor of Dublin and some of the residents and guests pictured in front of the Grotto

 The Lord Mayor of Dublin Andrew Montague officially opened the Community Grotto on December 8th the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The event went really well and there was a great turnout of residents from the site and officials from Dublin City Council, BRL, Local Gardai and others.

Father Val said the prayers at the grotto and then Owen McDonagh said a few words about the importance of having a peaceful space where the residents of St Margaret’s Park and  Carton Terrace and  Road can reflect and pray. He said that the Community Grotto would provide that space and he is certain that the residents will welcome this. Owen also made the point that much use was made of recycled materials in the construction of the Grotto, he referred to the fencing being constructed from the planks of wood from pallets and the paint for the walls being recycled. He thanked all the residents who worked on the construction of the Grotto Project. 

Fr Val saying the prayers at the start of the ceremony

Owen McDonagh addresses the residents and guests with one of twelve framed pictues of Saints adorning the wall in the background

Noel Breslin Development Worker and MC for the event noted that the creation of the Grotto Project involved all the groups who access St Margaret’s Traveller Community Association. The Women’s Group who attend the LTI Project in St Margaret’s carried out the research into the Saints which are a feature of the walls of the Grotto and the Women from the Primary Health Care in St Margaret’s worked on the Photographic Exhibition which featured over 110 photos taken to record the daily progress of the work being carried out in the Community Grotto. The men from the St Margaret’s Park and Carton Road and Terrace did the construction work as well as painting the mural. Noel also told the audience that plans were well ahead in forming a Grotto Maintenance Residents Association set up to oversee the upkeep of the Community Grotto.

The Lord Mayor and some of the men who worked on the Grotto Project


The Lord Mayor with some of the local Gardai pictured in front of the Mural.


The Lord Mayor and some of the Women who were involved with the Grotto Project.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin was the last to speak and he stated that the Community Grotto and Mural was a great example of community development where the residents of St Margaret’s Park and Carton Terrace and Road came together to volunteer to improve their own environment. He carried on to say that the craftsmanship displayed in the construction of the Grotto Project  represents brilliant natural skills and creativity of the Traveller Community in Ballymun . He stated that  St Margaret’s Traveller Community Association play a very important role in supporting the Traveller Community in Ballymun and that the Community Grotto is a credit to all involved.

The Lord Mayor with Ellie and Tom Reilly afer they invited the Lord Mayor into their home for a cup of tea.

The Lord Mayor with some the Young Women pictured later on in the Community Hall

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