St Margaret’s Travellers Community Association Ltd

St. Margaret’s Traveller Community Association (SMTCA) is a coming together of Travellers and settled people and aims to promote the recognition of Travellers as nomadic ethnic group with its own distinctive culture.  It aims to promote Traveller self-determination to work for real change in improving Travellers’ health, accommodation and education.  Therefore, equality, participation, consultation and community development principles are central to our work.

St. Margaret’s Travellers Community Association (SMTCA) is based in St. Margaret’s halting site, Ballymun and its target group is Travellers living in the Ballymun area. Travellers have been living in the Ballymun area for at least sixty years are an established part of the local community. In 1975 Travellers were moved from their site near the library on Ballymun road to St. Margaret’s road. The current St. Margaret’s halting site was built in 1997 by Dublin Corporation who also invested in a purpose built Community Centre and pre-school on the site. The site has 30 bays and was designed to accommodate 30 families. Throughout the sites history and up until very recently the site was massively overcrowded, with an average of 2 caravans per bay, and up to 65 families living on site.

St. Margaret’s Traveller Community Group was established in 1997 in response to an apparent need for development work to be carried out on St. Margaret’s site in Ballymun. The Management Committee is made up of members of statutory and voluntary organisations as well as a number of residents from the site. The main areas of work of our Project at present include: a Men’s Group, Women’s Training and Development, Residents Group Training and Development, Youth Work, Networking Activities, Advocacy Work, Policy Development, Homework Clubs and our Primary Health Care Project.


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